2009 was my LAST Baby Bird Season ...
I am no longer breeding any parrots, none at all!


I am out of touch with who breeds the Pionus parrot since I stopped breeding birds.
Your search on the internet would be about as good as my search on the web.

We have no baby birds at all!!

 **See below on the past years of our baby birds we had raised**

Also, please note that the Coral Billed Pionus pairs have been SOLD, some are still in a Breeding Program else where.

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Updated 2/2/17

See photos of the Hatching sequence of the Blue Head egg from 2002 Season.

See our video of how to put a Leg Band on a Chick.

Read about Hand Feeding information and why it can be fatal if you don't know how to properly hand feed.

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Past Baby Bird Seasons
Photo Page Links Below


Unfortunately, these brooders are no longer manufactured by Avitec.com


- 2009 Baby Bird Photos -

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

- 2008 Baby Bird Season -

We did not breed to sell any babies in the 2008 Breeding Season, no photos.

- 2007 Baby Bird Season -

Go to the Pages to see the
2007 Baby Bird Photos!

- From the 2006 Baby Bird Season -

2006 Blue Head Babies Pg. 1
Shown with a Feeding Video at top of page.
2006 Blue Head Babies Pg. 2
Updated 10/2/06
2006 Blue Front Amazon Babies Pg. 1  
Shown with a Feeding Video at top of page.
2006 Blue Front Amazon Babies Pg. 2
Updated 10/2/06
2006 Maximilian Babies
Updated 10/2/06
2006 Baby Group
Digital Videos of the Blue Front Amazons & Blue Head Pionus
Updated 10/04/06
(Parent Directory... Click each link there to download and view the video in Windows Media Player)

- From the 2005 Baby Bird Season -

Maximilian Pionus Pr.#2
Maximilian Pionus Pr.#3

Blue Head Pionus Pr. #2
Blue Head Pionus Pr. #3
Coral Bill Pionus
Blue Front Amazon Pr. #1
Blue Front Amazon Pr. #2

Orange Wing Amazons
Baby Group 2005
Baby Page Updates on Oct. 1, 2005

- Baby Photos from the 2004 Baby Season -

 Baby White Caps 2004 
Baby Blue Heads 2004
Baby Maximilian 2004
Baby Orange Wing 2004

Blue Front Amazon 2004

2004 Baby Group Together pg.1
2004 Baby Group Together pg. 2
2004 Baby Group Together pg.3
2004 Baby Group Together pg. 4
2004 Baby Group Together pg. 5


- Baby Photos from the 2003 Baby Season -

White Cap Pionus
   Baby Orange Wings  Maximilian    Blue Head   See the Baby Group Here

Click Here to see a 2003 Hatching sequence of a Blue Head.

- Baby Photos from the 2002 Baby Season -

Hand Fed Baby Orange Wing Amazon Page 2 to see progress of 2nd clutch Hatched on August 7th & 8th, 2002
Hand Fed Baby Orange Wing Amazon Page to see progress of chick - 1st one Hatched on June 9, 2002
Hand Fed Baby Maximilian Pionus
Page to see progress of Chick - Hatch Date June 13, 2002
Hand Fed Baby Blue Head Pionus to see progress of Chicks - Hatch Dates Sept. 2 & Sept. 4, 2002

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