Baby White Caps
Hatch Dates 9/27/04(Sold Band # JMR CA 16)
               9/29/04 (Sold Band #JMR CA 17)
Weaning dates are 3 to 4 months out from hatch dates.
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I will have a few photos here in a few days.  I recently had to take the one White Cap baby in to the Vet
as he had "Constricted Toe Syndrome", one back toe on one foot had to be part way amputated and on the
other foot one toe had a small surgery to fix the problem.  He will be fine and will get around with no problem.

They are feathering out and showing some whitish pin feathers on the head, they are so cute and adorable!

Here are the 2 young White Cap Pionus, the one on the right is the one who had
The Constricted Toe Syndrome on one toe of each foot. I show some close ups of that below.

They are both eating about 18-20cc of formula four times a day. 
They will soon be cut down to three times a day.  They are really cute!

This toe will be fine and will not be lost.  It had the surgery done on it to save it and
you can see where they put stitches in it where the purplish thread is.

This toe on the left foot was amputated part way, you can see where it is stitched up
at the end where the purple thread is.  This will not cause any problems in
perching or climbing about.  The other toe is is there, you just don't see it in the photo.

  November 12, 2004

Doing very well in development.  Eating great, about 20cc of formula 3 times a day.

They are so cute and the white on their head is really nicely colored.

They have nice coloring on them and the bronze like color is great on the wings.

Here they are in their tub.

Just too cute for their own good!  This one that is in front is sold and the other
one is still available for purchase at this time 11/28/04.

December 12, 2004

Here the White Caps are on the play area on the counter....

The sweeties are on 2 hand feeding a day and are nibbling on soft foods.

Oh! They love this "Trader Joe Shopping Bag.  They hang out in it to play and even to take a nap!

This baby on the left in this photo has been sold to Percy, he has been here twice to visit his baby.

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