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To introduce myself, my name is Jan.  I was a small breeder of  Pionus Parrots. I started breeding in 1988 and my last year of breeding and hand raising babies was 2009. I have already sold most all my breeder pairs, I am keeping about 4 pairs that will remain as my aviary residents!

I will keep and maintain this website to offer information on this fabulous breed of parrots and also our online bird toy parts & toys at: Blu's Bird Toys  There are few sites on the web that have some information on Pionus, but like books, it never hurts to have more than one source.    I welcome your comments or suggestions or even if you have a complaint, let me know by email.

Due to not breeding any longer, many areas on this website maybe out of date as it may be written in regards to me breeding birds. Much of the site was written with having babies and updates on them for those who was interested in purchasing the baby bird. I have updated the Baby Bird Page and all that will remain on there are links to other websites who may have or breed the Pionus Parrot and the past baby bird breeding seasons.

If you are having a problem on trying to locate information on something particular on this site go on our  Home Page and look through the page links on the top of the site or at the bottom of the home page and some of our pages are not on our main navigation.

This web site is designed mostly for people who are looking for information on a Pionus as a pet.  I offer some information on hand feeding as well.  I did not sell ''Unweaned Babies" and a lot goes into knowing vital information to be able to maintain and raise and happy and healthy baby bird.


You are on the Pionus Parrot About Us Page   ~ This site has a lot of pages, many pages not listed on site map.

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