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 July 18, 2004 Babies - Orange Wing Amazons, Blue Headed Pionus & Maximilian Pionus.

July 30, 2004

Babies play together on the counter, they run around and have fun.  The Blue Headed Pionus have had their flight feathers clipped a few
days ago, the Orange Wing Amazons have not had their flight feathers clipped yet but it will be real soon.  They have been put in a cage now.
They are learning to step up and are nibbling on some soft foods, but not really consuming much of anything at this time.

Here they are having a grand ole time chewing off the label on the large gallon water bottle, they have been working on it for
over a day trying to get the label off and they are doing a good job! They chew on it each time they come out to play.

The Blue Heads & the 1 Maxi are eating 20cc's of formula per feeding three times a day.
The Orange Wings are eating 30cc's of formula per feeding 3 times a day.
The three younger Maxi's only shown in photo at top of page, are still in a tub and do not participate
with them at this time being that they are still too small to intermingle with the bigger guys.

August 6, 2004

You will see in the following photos of the babies that are sitting or playing.  They have been very active when out of the
cage.  They love coming out to play and run around on the counter.  They all share the same cage.

In left photo is 2 of the Blue Heads and 2 of the Orange Wings sitting. On right is 1 Orange Wing and 2 Blue Heads.

They are still being hand fed 3 times daily.  The Blue Heads & 1 Maxi eat long 22 cc's of formula per feeding
The Orange Wings eat about 35 cc's of formula per feeding.  I will be cutting them down to 2 feeding per day real soon.

The 2 Blue Heads play tug a war with this orange Interstar Ring in left photo.
In right photo the one Orange Wing loves to get up on the Canister, they push and shove many times
to see who can get up on it first.  It must be King of the Hill!

In left photo the Orange Wings get on the Canister. 
In right photo is the Maxi, Orange Wing and a Blue Head, all sitting pretty as can be.

Baby Blue Heads 2004
Baby Maximilian 2004
Baby Orange Wing 2004

Blue Front Amazon 2004

Baby White Caps 2004
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