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August 18, 2006

Watch for the Jolly Ball Video Clip coming up soon!

September 1, 2006

September 5, 2006

*Eight* Blue Heads lined up in a row resting!

September 24, 2005

The BH's play and Gator a White Cap (not for sale) he comes over to see.....

BH #12 makes his way up to get up on top of the perch....

Then he decided to get on the top of the Jolly Ball......

Gator comes over to check him out ...as the other BH's look on....

Gator was not exactly being mean but he was trying to tell BH #12 who is boss!!

BH #12 was just hunching downward and taking whatever Gator was going to dish out!

Gator thinks okay, this is not going my way so.....

Gator goes down to the other end of the perch but then...

He comes back again as #12 says he is going to stand his ground

BH #12 is not going to give in and neither is Gator!

So.... as the story goes... BH #12 says he will sit here and wait it out ...

In the mean time - the other BH's are going about their own business... la la la ta ta da da

Gator  which you can barely see his beak is opened but #12 is not budging!

Then BH #12 says okay I've had enough and he climbs on down!!

October 1, 2006

Chow Time!!!

Each evening when I get the babies out - the Blue Front Amazons will go from their
cage about 15 feet away from the cage you see them on here.... then they all chow down
on their soft food... two platefuls to be exact! Which consists of Mixed Veggies, Beak Appetit,
Soak & Cook Mix, Apple and sometimes crumbled up corn tortilla.

They run around as they eat... there are no toys up here on top of the cage but some
will go inside the cage to play and while I try to get them to hang out on the other cage,
they insist on coming back to this cage. They are not really hanging out much on the counter.

Inside and out of this cage are 15 babies total, 5 Blue Front Amazons, 8 Blue Head
Pionus and 1 Maximilian Pionus and 1 Coral Bill Pionus. The Coral Bill is not for sale.

It's getting near the end of hand feeding as they gain more and more towards being weaned!
While this group of babies is less than what I had last year, this makes it a nice gathering to attend to.
I am looking towards the middle of October for some of these babies to be weaned - some or all!

You can see 3 new videos of the Blue Heads playing on the counter!

Updated 10/05/2006

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