2007 Babies
This year I will be placing all baby photos that I take on this page and pages linked from this page.
I will not be having pages specifically for each specie. Here are the Hatch Dates...

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 The Maximilian Pionus Babies

In left Brooder is the Maximilian & in right is Coral Bill.

3 Maximilian Pionus Babies

2 Coral Bill Pionus Babies


June 6, 2007

Here are 3 of the Maximilian's and the 2 Coral Bills. They are doing very well at this time.
The Maximilian babies are pin feathering and slight green is showing at this tips.

After the last feeding of the night, the Coral Bills start to drift off to sleep.

Fast a sleep now! Shh!

 6/6/07 - At this time the Blue Head babies will be pulled from the nest and brought in for hand feeding
along June 8th or 9th.... the oldest of the 4 will be 16 days old at the time I pull them from the nest!
The other 4 Blue Head remain at my Sister's Place and also the Blue Front Amazons are with her too.
She has a total of 9 of my birds that she is raising for me.


Some Maximilian photos...

This is a little Maximilian that hatched out in the incubator on 6/07/07 - he is the first of 5 eggs that will hatch
out in the incubator... their parents will eat them after they hatch them if the eggs are not pulled from the nest in time!

Just for comparison, I put the 1 day old Maxi hatchling in with 3 Maxi's that are just
about a month old - so you can see a huge difference! The hatchling does not stay in
the brooder with the 3 babies, he can later on when he gets near their size.

The 3 Maxi babies pay no attention to the small hatchling when I placed him in with them.
The 3 older Maxi babies are all eating along 15 to 20cc's of formula about 5 times per day,
while the hatchling eats every 2 hours and only a few drops for a total of 9 times per day!

Some more photos of the little cuties! You can see they are pin feathering out and now see green.

Some Coral Bill Pionus Photos...
(Not for sale)

The 2 Coral Bill Pionus are doing nicely and the older of the two is 2 days shy of being a month old.
The Coral Bills are much more fuzzier than the Maximilian when young. You can see the older one
is beginning to get the red in the beak now. These guys are really cute!

Babies are kept in a brooder which consists of an 10 gallon Aquarium tank with the
Avi Brooder Top for the heat source.

Don't forget... you can read about the Coral Bill Breeder Program if you have not already done so!


6/09/07 - Saturday

Some Blue Head Pionus...

Here are 4 of the Blue Head babies... they have been brought in from the nest and
now have their leg bands placed on except for the youngest as he is a bit too small.

The Parents have fed them well as you can see in these photos, so later today I will
start feeding them formula.

In this photos shows the age of each one. They are surely nice and plump and well fed
by their parents. Blue Head babies are a bit more naked looking than the other Pionus
babies, the dark black area is starting to form on the oldest chick.

And some Maximilian Eggs in the Incubator...

There was a total of 5 eggs that needed to be incubated and 2 have hatched already and
today I brought the last of the 3 eggs that had remained out in the nest for Incubation.
This is done due to this hen who is Bubbles will eat her babies once they hatch, I have
no idea if it is solely her or her and the male (Bunky) or maybe just the male and not her.
I have not ever seen them in the process of doing that... and I caught it from early on after
babies were missing in the nest after having the pair when I got them years ago... I am
the original first owner ofthis pair that was paired up for me. So since then I pull her eggs just
upon when they are about to pip, I give her no more chances after they ate 3 chicks total.

This egg is in a dish as it has pipped and no longer needs rotation, it will hatch in the dish
I will leave the baby in there for about 3 hours or so then move him into a brooder.
Babies should not be fed right away as they have the "yoke sac" that they have to absorb.
Updated: This egg hatched today on June 11 and is now out of the incubator and in with the others.
Two more eggs are to hatch in a matter of the next 2 to 4 days time or at least they are fertile and should hatch!

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