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Here are pictures that have been taken along the way, some are of babies that have been raised by us
and some are breeders and other birds in our household that are pets. Photos are in no particular order. 

                  Jasper the Love Bird sleeps next to Sweetie-Pi.   Jasper loves Muffin, too!  He likes visiting the birds all day long!

                     Starla & Kuka                                          Starla -  Scarlet Macaw             Sweetie Pi -  Male Blue Head Pionus

See our Hawk Head Parrot HERE....

                                                                    Our 1st Breeder Dusky Pionus Pair.    

                                                                      Our 2nd Breeder Dusky Pionus Pair.

                                                     Muffin                                               Sweetie & Tater having fun on the 'Atom'. 

                                                                   Muffin - Our White Cap Pionus  

            Coral Billed Pionus - Breeder Pair.                

                          Tater - Orange Wing Amazon               Sweetie & Flynn - Baby Flynn is holding on  for dear life!

                   Kuka Samples the Whip Cream out of the can!                Starla goes visiting on Felix's cage.

                   Maximilian on bird bath                        Kuka On Computer Monitor                    Maximilian Pionus

         Tiki Blue Front Amazon ♥                   Five young Maximilian babies                     Blue Front Tiki ♥and Moluccan 
               and Militaries                           

                            White Cap Pionus                                Blue Head Pionus                           Blue Front Amazon  

           Female Orange Wing Amazon                     Male Orange Wing                            Male Bronze Wing Pionus

  Maximilian Pair- Bunky and Bubbles         2 Military Macaws Tiki and Kuka                        Same birds as last photo

           Military Macaw - MAC                    African Grey-Snoopy, 3 baby maxes                        Tiki loves ♥Kuka
                                                                                and a cockatiel

                            Blue Front Amazon - Tiki                                Tiki                                        Muffin

                      Tiki and Sparkles                                             Kuka                                          Maximilian - Felix

   Orange Wing - Tater & Blue Head - Sweetie     Maximilian Felix & Love Bird Jasper               White Cap - Muffin

Did you notice that Tiki loves three different birds? Tiki was my very first parrot and is 16 years old. He talks very well and is now a breeder. His mate was Sparkles but I found her down on aviary floor dead July 15, 2002. Tiki was very sad for many days. But he finally started coming around to being his self. I had found him another female and her name is Jackie and she is very timid and they are not getting along real well because of that. In time they will
probably fall in love and have lots of babies!
10/27/02 ~ Update ~ Tiki and Jackie are now getting along pretty good now.  Tiki does not torment Jackie like he was. He does not chase after her anymore. I see them sitting on the perch right near each other as they did not do that before.  Jackie now goes to the feed dish when Tiki is there. 
One reason why they are probably doing better is because I had also moved them from the cage in the Pionus aviary into the Macaw aviary.  This is once where Tiki was housed and he really likes it there. It is larger and has two windows which let more light in than the other area where they were at. Jackie does not feel closed in this cage; therefore letting her feel more at ease.
5/14/03 ~Update ~ Tiki and Jackie are really great with each other now.  Their nest box will be put in place in the next week.  We'll see what happens, not too sure if they will produce babies this season.

This is Muffin ~ she is a White Cap Pionus.  We bought her as a  breeder.  We have 2 male White Caps so we were going to pair her up with one of them.  It turns out that she is not getting along with either one of them.  First we put her in with first one, after a few days she was terrified of the male.  So I took her away from him. I let her be by herself for a few days, then I put her in with the 2nd male, needless to say they did not get along either.   Muffin was a pet with the previous owner.  She is very sweet and loving to me, she has her days where she is nippy to me.  She has been in the house for a while now.  I will be bringing in one of the males from out side and put with her. That may or may not work out.  Neutral territories is sometimes needed.  I have noticed with the White caps in general, they seem to be a little bit on the pushy side.  I had recently took a new pair of White Caps and was going to keep them in this large quarantine cage with a pair of Bronze Wings, immediately the White Caps both went to the pair of Bronze Wings and started tormenting them a lot. As a rule a new pair of birds going into a cage of birds that have already been there, don't usually bother the ones that have been there before them.   There again I had to put the pair of White Caps into a separate cage so they would not bother the Bronze Wings.   
5/14/03 ~ Update on Muffin ~ She's off the hook! She got out of having to be paired up with one of the male White Cap.  She remains a pet and stays in the house, she is very happy about that!  The two male White Caps were paired up with 2 other female White Caps that I had, as they were to be a pair when I purchased them, but they both turned out to be two females, so guess what ~ I made proper pairs, that's great!  Although they didn't think so, but they are getting along much better, the males were giving the females a very bad time.  Let me tell you this ~  White Caps are pushy and are head strong.

6/5/03 ~Both White Cap Breeder Pairs ~   recently paired up are getting along good now. The females look very nice and are not tattered looking like they were for awhile.  They are now placed in the outside aviary along with all the other birds each in their own caged area.  I knew it would be a matter of time and they would get along. I know it was rough on the females as the males would give them a bad time. I felt like at times like splitting them a part as the male would chase the female all around and she was afraid, but I figured if they could just get past that hurtle then they would be okay and now they are they are.  Each pair is peaceful with each other. 
They mainly started getting along better when I put them in the outside aviary as it gave them each a much larger area then the cages that they were in that I had in the house.  They are happy now.  I put a nest box up in one cage so far and have to put in the other one.  I don't think they will get to that point yet, but if not this breeding season, surely next year.

Top photo is one pair that you slightly see both.  On right photo is the other pair.  You see barely see the female above the door.





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