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Baby Bird Updates 2009
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Oct. 24th, 2009

Here are some more photo images of the babies shown below, they basically look the same since the ones above. On Sept. 26th, the first Blue Headed Pionus left here and went to her new home. The little handicapped Maximilian had left from here on Thursday Oct. 22nd and went to a home with a nice family who will love him dearly! The 2nd Blue Headed Pionus and a Maximlian both went to live with a family up in Northern California.

Right now I am hand feeding a young Blue Headed, a Maximilian and 2 Coral Billed Pionus. I still have a total of 5 Maximilian's and 2 Blue Headed and 3 Blue Front Amazons as of Oct. 24th. If interested, please contact me. No shipping.

I am a female Maximilian Pionus!

Hanging out and chilling!

My sister here on the left has went to a new home and I had another sister who left here a few weeks ago, so now I am the only one of the 3 left here... do you want me? I am the one on the right band #32 ... so email my Mom and tell her that you want me but remember, my Mom does not ship us in airplanes!!

When Mom gets her camera out, we scurry over to check it out!

Don't bother us while we play with Mom's camera strap, although the two of us who are shown in the photo are not quite a pro at this as our other sister who you have seen before in other photos previously!

The 3 beautiful Blue Front Amazons checking out the hardware and the small plastic bead attached to the Jolly Ball. They wasted no time in checking out what I put up for them!!

Gosh, and they were not even afraid of this 14" Jolly Ball when I put it up in place, although they have been use to a 10" in blue and this one shown needs to have some toys added to it!

Handi is a Maximilian who had his whole right foot and right wing bit off in the nest by one of his parents, this did not stop him. He is vibrant little guy who has full zest for life!! He learned how to climb up this boing which he could not do at first but little by little he learned how to climb up something that is moreless unstable!! He has gone to his new home where he will be well loved and cared for!

This is the Bird Room where I keep the babies. I use double cages which are the ones that are in white. The babies have an Atom, Boings and Jolly Balls plus their toys to keep them active and they have a blast!!

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Updated September 27, 2009

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