Baby Orange Wing Amazon
We named this Orange Wing "Tater"

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                          Father of Tater.
This what a Orange Wing Amazon looks like when fully developed.
Approximate Wean Date on the Orange Wing Chicks that was hatched on
 Aug. 7th & 8th that are on page 2.

                                              Hatching from first clutch of the 2002 baby season.

1 Baby Orange Wing Amazon
Hatched on June 9,  2002 @ 3:52 PM

                    1 day old Orange Wing - 6/10/02                  7 days old - 6/16/02

The baby Orange Wing is doing well.  Started off at just a couple of drops of formula at just a day old.
Now at a week old,  the chick is now eating 1 cc. per feeding and can now sit up with out falling over too much. The eyes will be open by the next update, a week from now. Check back later for more.

June 14, 2002  14 Days Old.   The Baby Orange Wing is doing very well. He/she has grown nearly double in size in one weeks time, and is now eating 5cc of formula per feeding at about every 2 hours.  He can sit up on his own. He weighs 70 grams, (28 Grams= 1 ounce).  The eyes have opened some, but not completely.  The feet have turned light gray. Gray underneath the skin is starting to appear, which is for down feathers.  He is becoming alert of his surroundings.  In about 1 weeks he will have his leg band put on.  Check next week for update.

June 28, 2002 19 Days Old.  Here is a mid week update, the baby Orange Wing has grown a lot in the past few days.  He has been banded and his eyes are opened all the way. He's starting to have pin feathers coming out on the wing area.  He now weighs 115 grams and is eating 7cc's per feeding at every 2 hours.  He is doing very well. As you will notice in the photos since the beginning of one day old that he is next to the orange ink pen and the pen looked much larger next to him than it does now. The pen is 5 inches long.  Check back here in a few days for more progress.

July 1, 2002  22 days old and doing great.
Eyes have been completely opened.  Developing pin  feathers on the wings and down feathers are forming and will start to come through soon.

Weight is at 150 grams and is eating 10cc per feeding, still at every 2 hours on the feeding schedule.  This baby is doing remarkably well for a hand fed.  He has a little Maximillan Pionus for his buddy friend in the box with him. The Maximillan is 4 days younger and was parent raised for the first 2 weeks and was slightly larger  than this baby orange wing when brought in to be hand fed. That is the difference between a parent raised chick and a hand fed chick. Most always the parent raised chick is a larger, stronger chick than that of a hand fed chick that was raised from newly hatched.

July 7, 2002 30 days old and growing like a weed!  More pin feathers are coming. And some coloring is starting to show slightly.

Weight is now at 260 grams.
Now eating 20cc per feeding at every 3 hours.

Legs still are not real strong for standing up completely.

Starting to develop a nice personality.

July 10th - Baby Orange Wing with more pin feathers and doing good.
Weighing in at 290 grams and baby Maximilian weighing 210 grams.

Baby Orange Wing on right with Maximilian on left in their tub.

July 16 - Baby Orange Wing is doing very well in all areas. Weighing now at 380 grams (13 OZ.)
Fed every 3 hours and eating 22 cc's of formula per feeding. Socializing well with his little buddy.      Starting to play with the toys that are hung in the box. Exercising by flapping the wings getting ready for flight which will be in probably about a month.  If you will take notice on how much smaller that orange ink pen is looking next to him. Check back real soon for more photos.


July 23, 2002 ↑   As you can see this baby is developing well, by the next update his head will be feathered out completely. Weighing at 375 grams, his weight is slowing due to getting ready for flight.  Now eating 35 cc's  at 4 feedings per day. Doing extremely well in all areas. His little buddy the Maximilian does do things sooner than he does which is normal being that larger birds do take longer in developing in each step of development areas.

  August 3, 02 - Just look at the difference from last update, 11 days
   have passed.  The Orange Wing still has not taken a flight, while the
   Maximilian has taken several flights and had even had her wings clipped.
   The Orange Wing is considerably larger then the Maximilian.  The
   Orange Wing has slowed down on his eating, to get prepared for the
   first flight. They have been introduced to the cage a few days ago and
   spend time in it during the day and are perching fairly well. They still
   sleep in their box at night. In a day or two they will start sleeping in the
   cage at night.
   They are still being fed 4 times a day and will be soon cut to 3 feedings a
   day.  They have been introduced to Cherrios and others things like apple
   and Soak & Cook bean mixture, they are picking it up and nibbling on
   it. They are now playing a lot and are able to climb in the cage, although
   it was a bit awkward for them at first.  This is not too good of a photo,
   will show more photos real soon.

         August 4, 2002   Here are some better photos of the Orange Wing Amazon & Maximilian at Play.



                                                    Having a good time playing on the counter!

August 12, 2002 - No photos at this time, he looks pretty much like the photos that was taken last.  At this time the Orange wing is doing well.  He did a lot of practicing getting ready for flight and then he has taken several flights  for about three days and then his flight feathers was clipped.  He was sad a little but he's okay with it now.  He is now being fed 3 times a day.  He is a sweet heart!
(These babies have not been sexed, so when I say he or she, it's just a figure of speech.)

August 28, 2002 - This Orange Wing Amazon is eating on his own now for about two days. He's just about ready for a new home, as much as I'd like to keep him, as always this happens I get attached to these little sweetie pies! 



  October 28, 2002 ~ This Orange Wing is doing well. I call him Tater.
  He has been vocalizing a lot. It won't be long and he'll be talking. 
  He's a real sweet heart.  He is no longer available.

  November 23 ~Tater's Maximilian pal has gone to her new home, you
  can see her updated photo before she left from here on the
  Baby Maximilian page link below.



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