Blue Front Amazon
Hatch Date 7/10/04
Deposit is not accepted until chick is at least 2 weeks old.
Weaning dates are 3 to 4 months out from hatch dates.
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3 Blue Front Amazons Total. 1 sold - None Available For Purchase At This Time.


One Blue Front Amazon has hatched out.  There was 3 eggs that was under Blue Front, Jackie but 2 of her eggs must have broke, there were no remains of the other two eggs in the nest box when I went to take out the third egg.  When I took the 3rd egg out to candle it, it showed signs of fertility so rather than give it back to her I put it in the incubator.  I didn't really know if she has broke her other eggs accidentally or purposely, plus the 3rd egg had damage on it and needed to be repaired, so before putting it in the incubator I had made repairs on the indented egg.  I didn't know for sure if it would hatch.  After about a week in the incubator is showed more signs of development.


Here is the sweet little Blue Front baby!

Seems to be healthy, but one never knows what and why these little babies sometimes just die for unknown reasons.  I am hoping that this little wee chick does well.

Eating just about 1/2 of a cc of formula every two hours.


Blue Front Amazon.



This is the only Blue Front for this 2004 Baby Season.



This is a close up shot of the chick of the photo below next to the soda can.



You can see the chicks are pretty small when comparing them to a soda can.


The Blue Front is now 3 weeks old and is doing very well.  Eating 2 cc's of formula per feeding every 2-1/2 hours.

Can you see the difference with him near the soda can from the upper photo above?


Just after the evening feeding, his crop is full and is now happy!


The beak has also turned more black from when he was younger.


 Here is a comparison of the Blue Front
 Amazon near the Blue Head Pionus which
 looks like a giant next to him.  Baby Blue Head
 says"  What is that little thing"!  Quite a
 difference in size, don't you think?  Although
 once fully grown the Blue Front will be much
 Larger than the Blue Head Pionus.

August 6, 04

The little BFA is growing and doing well.  I had been keeping him on the bedding called Carefresh, it is suppose to be safe if it were to be ingested.  Well, one day I had noticed that his crop looked grayish and at first I thought what in the heck could that be then it dawned on me that sometimes he will get to pumping when his beak touches something especially when he's crying.  I watched him carefully and just gave very thin formula and water and waited for it to pass through.  He is fine and since then I have put him back on toweling until he gets a bit older.


Although there is no reference to size here as I will get other photos soon with showing his size better but he has been growing and is a vigorous eater and eating 3 cc's of formula about every 2-2 hours.


I can't say at this stage that they are cute but it won't be long and we will see the beauty coming out with his progress of growth.


The beak is getting larger and has blackened some more.  He still has quite a ways to go before he gets a leg band on.  His eyes a opened slightly.  you can barely see the grey in the skin where the down feathers will appear pretty soon.  The feet have darkened more than last time.


There are 2 more Blue Front Amazons that are now available for deposits if interested.  I will have photos up on here in a day or two.  Their age is approx. 2-3 weeks.


As you will notice on the Baby Group photos the Blue Front Amazons are developing and coming along nicely.  One has been sold to Candice and as we sexed the babies it turns out that there are 2 Males and 1 Female.  The one that has been sold to Candice is the brother of the female one so this leaves me the female and a male to be able to pair up as the other male who is this baby pictured here on this page and is not related to the female.

 ← TJ Baby plays on the "Atom".

This photo is the same baby as shown above, and I call him TJ Baby.  He is very beautiful but he did turn out to be a bit nippy for some reason, as to why is hard to say as the other 2 are very sweet.  He was handled and raised in the same manner as all the other babies are.  They are all each an individual and personalities can always vary.  Over all he is still a wonderful young Blue Front Amazon.

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