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This page will consist of the babies together as a group.
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August 24, 2004


Shown in these four photos are the 3 Maximilian babies posing on this wood.  You will see the red on the babies as it will no longer
be there after the first molt.  They are doing quite well and are able to play out with the other birds now, and they enjoy it!


The 3 Blue Front Amazons in a row with the Orange Wing Amazon behind them checking them out.

The Blue Front Amazons are now feathering out on the wings and yet to have the feathers come in on the body.  They are all together
in one tub along with the 3 Maximilian chicks.  They all get along well together.  The Blue Fronts do not play on the counter yet with the others.

The Blue Fronts now eat about 22cc's of formula 4 times per day and will be increased to more.


The Blue Head Pionus babies are always eager to eat and can not wait in these next four photos.  Two of them hop over to where the
formula is in the syringe to check it out and want to be fed, they make their little cry as they try to get the syringe in their mouth.

You may have no idea what it is like to feed hungry babies, acting like they are starving!

It's play time on the counter and they line up waiting to be fed as that seems to take priority over all play time.
Once they eat then they will start playing.

On left is the babies sitting on the counter and on right is the older Maxi on top with Orange Wing in lower corner.

While on the counter the babies settle down in the corner area to rest.  Note that the wall paper has been chewed on.
which was done from last years babies and was never fixed.  Also sits in the right photo is a Blue Head.

Blue Head Pionus on wood and babies in background.

Left photo - a few babies sit on the play area and in right photo is an Orange Wing Amazon.


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