First I would like to say, I had not put 2 of my breeder pairs of Maximilian into breeding this year and
the one pair who I did have set up turned out to give me 2 infertile clutches this year, I have no idea why exactly.

This little Maxi Pionus is one of my sister's that I am raising here as
my little Coral Bill Pionus baby did not have a sibling to be raised
with and I did not want him to be completely alone as all my other babies
are nearly full grown and could not be put with them at this time... so this
is why I have this little Maxi Pi here! He/She is a true sweetie!

READ HERE on what happened with this little Maxi baby...

September 12, 2006

Doing remarkably well!

Just about completely feathered - eating formula three times per day.

On the counter... he wonders if he is cute yet? What do you think?

In the brooder with the Baby Coral Bill Pionus Buddy!


September 24, 2006

This little Maxi Pi now along 1 month old has now been sold! Here are some photos of him now.

October 1, 2006

On left is the Maxi (sold to Dave) the Coral Bill on right is NOT for sale.

Being hand fed up to 3 times per day.

The little fella has had a slight wing trim to show him down some.

They both have a wonderful personality developing!


2006 Blue Head Babies Pg. 1
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2006 Blue Head Babies Pg. 2

2006 Blue Front Amazon Babies Pg. 1  
Shown with a Feeding Video at top of page.

2006 Maximilian Babies

2006 Blue Front Amazon Babies Pg. 2

2006 Baby Group



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