Baby Maximilian
Hatch Dates of 3 Younger Maxi Chicks are 6/17(sold to Ben & Jolene), 6/18(Avialable), 6/20(sold to Don & Nicole), 6/21, 2004
Hatch Date of Older Maxi Chick is 6/2/04 (Sold to Deena)
Weaning dates are 3 to 4 months out from hatch dates.
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4 Maximilian Total.  1 sold - 2 Available For Purchase At This Time.


Here are the four little Maximilian hatchlings that have been hatched in the incubator.  They are from 1 to 4 days old.  They are all tiny right now but will grow fast!  Eating only a few drops at each feeding every two hours.


This Maxi chick is the one older one that is being kept in with the Blue Heads.

6/29/04 -
These are the four that were hatched in the incubator.  They are doing very well and now eating about 3-4 cc of formula per feeding.

7/7/04 - Some sad news, yesterday one little Maxi chick died, he was the youngest of the four.  He had a problem arise with the food not digesting, probably 'slow crop'. 

There are now 3 available left from this clutch of babies.


Here are the 3 younger Maxi chicks, as I mentioned above one of the four had died.

These ones are doing well and have grown a lot and are eating 5 cc's of formula per feeding.


You can see here the difference in size of the older one in comparison to the younger ones, the difference is 20 days apart.


The big guy must have been wondering "what are these things you are putting next to me"!




This little baby is sweet and quite and he stays in the tub with the Blue Heads as he is too large to be in with the 3 younger Maxi's.


He/she still has a bit more to fill in with feathers.

I think he is a real cutie!

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August 6, 04

These are the 3 younger Maxi's that you have seen above.  They are coming along beautifully.

Eating about 15 cc's of formula 4 times a day.

They are still kept in a tub and do not mingle with the other birds yet.

They are almost 2 months old.

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