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This page will consist of the babies together as a group.
This page consists of 22 photos.

All the babies are doing exceptionally well.  Growing fast!

September 9, 2004

The Orange Wing Amazons - are on one feeding per day and eating fairly okay on their own.
They are not considered weaned yet.  They are in another wire cage of their own and not
with the Blue Heads any longer, although they do play together when they are out on the counter.
It was not easy trying to get photos of them at this time, so this is all I got for now.


September 9, 2004

The Blue Front Amazons - are growing really fast and are being hand fed 3 times per day.
They have been feathering out nicely and have very nice coloring.  They are still in the tub.
They will be introduced to being on the counter with in a week.

This BFA above is the 1st chick that hatched from the incubator.
The chicks are not able to perch, I had put them there to take the photos
they did stay there okay while I was snapping the photos.

These are the 2 that I got a bit later when I purchased their parents and were fed by the parents up until 2 weeks old.
The #3 and #4 that you see on the photo is part of the leg band number.  The 1st chick does not have a leg band on at all.

In the photo posed is #3, #4 - Parents are Olivia & Jesse and the first Baby belongs to Tiki & Jackie as the Parents. 

Here are some other photos taken of them while they were being good about sitting there on the wooden perch. They will probably
start perching in about a week from now and should be able to be out to play with the other babies on the counter.

September 9, 2004

The Maximilian Babies - the one older one is is going along about like the Blue Heads with its eating at 2
 times per day and nibbles on food.  The 3 younger Maxi's are also on 2 feedings per day and I see them
 nibble on other food somewhat, the 3 Maxi's are now in the wire cage with the Blue Heads and the older Maxi as well.
While trying to take photos of all the babies, the Maxi's do not want to cooperate with staying up on the wood perch.
There is only one photo of them on this.

In the mean time, I get some of them sitting on the counter.


I think they are pretty gosh darn cute! 

September 9, 2004

The Blue Heads - are doing well and are on 2 feedings per day.  They tend to be the most hungriest of the bunch when 
it comes to feeding time.  They are harder or seem to take longer for the weaning process than the other babies.  All the
Orange Wings are 1-1/2 weeks younger than the Blue Heads but are on the 1 hand feeding a day as to where the Blue
Heads are on 2 feedings a day.  The Blue Heads just seem to have a harder time with the eating than the others.




This is the cage that the Baby Blue Heads & Maximilian Pionus are in
and the Orange Wings are kept in a similar cage.


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