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September 22, 2004

Eating......What a sight to see!

The Orange Wing amazons are weaned and are totally eating on their own.

The Blue Heads are still barely eating enough on their own.  The Maxi's eat a tiny bit on their own.

They can devour about 2-3 plates full of this food in the evening and eat some though out the day with other stuff combined.

The Orange Wings just eat and eat!  The Maxi Pionus are doing pretty good in this secession too.

Update 10/12/04:

  • All the babies are doing well.  Two babies will be leaving here and going to their new owners on the week end of Oct. 16th.

  • Two of the Blue Head Pionus are totally weaned at this point and two are not quite weaned, one of those being very difficult to wean.

  • Three out of the four Maximilian Pionus are weaned and one just wants a little formula but does eat.

  • The four Orange Wing Amazons have been totally weaned for at least 3 weeks now and are doing very well. 10/28/04 - Orange Wings have all been sold.

  • The Blue Front Amazons are doing very well in development, not eating hardly on their own at this time, they are very beautiful. 1 is sold the other 2 I am keeping.

  • Two White Cap Pionus babies have hatched in the nest and are ready to bring in for hand feeding real soon, these are late hatches for the season.

Update 10/29/04:
All four Orange Wing Amazons are now sold as of 10/29/04

Update 10/31/04:
We had 3 Blue Front Babies and 1 has been sold and the other 2
I am keeping for future breeders, they are unrelated.

Update 12/18/04:

  • All Blue Heads have been sold for this year.

  • There is 1 weaned Maximilian Pionus still available at this time.12/20/04

  • 1 White Cap Pionus Available for purchase, still being hand fed at this time.



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