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The AviQuarium Brooder

This is what I am now using for Brooders - The "AviQuarium10" by Avitech. This is a neat unit top and you can purchase
it on their site if you are interested in them and they have the two different sizes. Avitech does not sell the Aquariums so you
would have to go to a pet store to acquire the aquarium. The ones I have are for the 10 Gallon sized Aquariums, they also have
  the one that fits the 20 Gallon aquariums too. These are heated with the Infrared heat.  They are actually a very neat unit and made nicely!

In a little while as I get more chicks I will be having more of the "AviQuariums10" in place and once the chicks are a bit larger, they can then be
placed on bedding and once the chicks get too large for the aquariums then they will be placed into large tubs as I've have done in the past. As of right
now I have 4 of the AviQuaruims in use.  I highly recommend the AviQuaruim Tops to anyone who wants to set up brooders!

6/20/05 - There are now 5 Maxi babies in this brooder and each of them are kept in
separate bowls until they become a bit older.  At the back to the left of the
thermometer is the youngest of the 5 and the oldest is at the front right.

Outside view of the brooder with the 5 Maxi babies inside.

June 26, 2005

View of Brooders with Baby Bird Cam at right looking upon the babies! You see the Blue Heads in the front.

Blue Heads are in the brooder on the right and at this time nothing is in the brooder on left.

Maximilian's in the front brooder and the Blue Heads are on the other side. 6/26/05

Blue Head Pionus in the brooder. 6/26/05

Blue Heads on left and the Maxi babies on the right.

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