2005 Maximilian Babies

First Coral Bill Baby Hatched on 6/13/05  - SOLD
Second Coral Bill Baby Hatched on 6/17/05 - SOLD

June 13, 2005

Coral Bill hen in nest with baby next to her side.  Almost to hard to tell the baby is there
As the baby's color is pretty much the same color as the "Care Fresh" bedding but you
can see the pink from the baby's shoulder area and baby has his face downward.

In the next 5 photos the baby was brought in for photos and was taken out
of nest at first to be sure that he was being fed by the mama, and he was!
The Coral Bill baby has much more downy fluff than any of the other Pionus babies that I get.

June 29, 2005

The Coral Bill Pionus have now been taken from the nest and brought in the
house for hand feeding now.  In these next 6 photos they are 12 & 16 days old.

The is the younfer one who is 12 days old in this photo.

The Coral Bills together.

The 2nd Coral Bill baby.

Aw... ma, I am so sleepy!

Held in my hand.

July 4, 2005


Maximilian Pionus Pr.#2
Maximilian Pionus Pr.#3

Blue Head Pionus Pr. #2
Blue Head Pionus Pr. #3
Coral Bill Pionus

Blue Front Amazon Pr. #1
Blue Front Amazon Pr. #2

Orange Wing Amazons

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