2005 Maximilian Babies
Tiki & Jackie

Blue Front Pair #1 - Parents of 2 Babies
Baby Hatch Dates 6/29, 7/4
Be sure to see the other Blue Front Amazon
Pair #2
Olivia & Jessie

July 8, 2005

This is Tiki & Jackies two babies.  Last year they produced one baby that hatched
but they did not raise it and it was brought in to be incubated as it was a damaged egg.
This year Jackie had 3 eggs and two were fertile which are these two chicks!

These two are 9 days old which is the one on the right and the other is 5 days old as of today.
The parents are feeding well!


Maximilian Pionus Pr.#2
Maximilian Pionus Pr.#3

Blue Head Pionus Pr. #2
Blue Head Pionus Pr. #3
Coral Bill Pionus

Blue Front Amazon Pr. #1
Blue Front Amazon Pr. #2

Orange Wing Amazons

Updated 7/8/05

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