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Baby Bird Updates 2009
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For our Baby Bird photo pages we will adding in photos as we take them. Customers who are buying our babies will be directed to these pages for their photo updates as we upload them here on our site so you must come to these pages to get your current updates at anytime, we will update on here at least once a week and sometimes more than that, especially as the babies get older and really start getting around! This takes less time by doing it this way rather than emailing photos to each individual baby bird customer. We will give dates and some comments under the photos. We hope you will enjoy the photos as we show them on our pages! Thank you, Jan


Update: June 25th, 09

This is Lizzy in her nest with her babies, she has 4 in her first clutch in 2009. Lizzy & Maxtor are both good parents and always raises a great family of babies until I pull them from the nest.

Lizzy & Maxtor both are quite protective parents, so I always have to be careful when looking in their box and I usually do not mess with trying to handle her babies but I do look in to be sure everything is going like it should.

Looking on and making sure I am not going to steal them from her just yet!

The 4 babies will be pulled from the nest along on June 27th and be brought into take over on hand feeding. They will get their leg bands on as well.

These 3 sweet baby Blue Heads and parents are Larry & Sherry.
I left them in the nest much longer than I normally do but I did band them when it was time while they were still in the nest. In this photo they are now in a brooder and being hand fed by me.

The Blue Heads are eating about between 10 to 12 cc's of formula each feeding. The oldest one is showing some green coming out in his pin feathers. They are starting to get to the cute looking stage!!

This is Sherry in her nest and I have fostered to her 2 eggs that was from one of my Maximilian pairs who are Bunky & Bubbles because they will eat their babies if left in their nest so rather than put their eggs in the incubator, I placed them under Sherry while she had her young chicks and the timing was right for me to be able to do this. Sheryy & Larry are both great parents and will always accept other eggs or young babies but as it goes, all timing of nesting behavior must be just right for them to accept eggs or chicks otherwise they may not get taken care of.

The 2 Maximilian babies that is in Blue Head Sherry's nest.


June 28, 2009


July 9, 2009

A video on YouTube of the 3 Blue Headed Pionus.
Approx. at 5 weeks of age, taken on July 9, '09

A video I placed on YouTube of the 6 baby Maximilian
Pionus. Along 4 weeks of age. Also shown in this video is
on the one Maxi baby who had his whole right foot and entire right wing chewed off in the nest by one of the parents... but that does not stop this little Maxi Pionus!


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Updated July 11, 2009

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