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                           'Poppy' - Yellow Nape Amazon                      'Kitt' and 'Kate' - Cockatiels                                    Orange Wings Babies and
                                  Susan M.  - Mojave, CA.                                  Jan's First Birds!                                  White Front Amazon Baby also of Jan's


  'Willow' - Blue Head Pionus

'Mistletoe' - Dusky Pionus 
  Owner Jill Hall - Lancaster, PA 

Taco Toucan, 'Mya' - also owned by Jill.




'Crimson' - Red Sided Eclectus

'Gabby' - Umbrella Cockatoo

'Mr. Muffins' - African Ringneck

            'Oliver' - Mealy Amazon 
Owner -  Richard Spencer - Tiptree, Essex - England

                       'Madi' - White Cap Pionus                                Owner - Lee Maddison     Staffordshire, England

 'Pacasso' - Blue Head Pionus
Owner - Mario Perez - Houston, Texas


 'Gracie' - Maximilian Pionus 
Owner - Tammy - Haysville, Kansas


                                        'Corey' - Yellow Nape Amazon                                                                        'Fezzik' - Blue Head Pionus
Owner - Lori - Merrimack, New Hampshire                                               Owner - Robert Pierce - Salt Lake City, Utah

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