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September 1, 2006


The following photos consist of the 3 Blue Fronts that have deposits on them and will each be grouped for their owners to see!

October 1, 2006

Jason's Baby

This Blue Front was the first of the 5 to have a deposit to hold - pictured on left.

Jason's Baby is on the left of these 2 BFA's shown.

Again pictured on left! The one on the right is not spoken for at this time!

Jason's baby is doing well and has a nice personality and he says "Hi".

True beauty with in!

A nice close up of Jason's baby... un-named at this time... waiting to be sexed.

Here he/she is on right and kind of came up to the other BFA to beg for food.

Jason's baby is the 4th hatched out of the 5 in this clutch of babies.

Jason's baby on left.


October 1, 2006

Aurelio's Baby

Posed in the cage Aurelio's baby is on the left... he is the 2nd hatched out of the 5 baby BFA's.

A true sweetie, he is beautifully marked with lots of blue on his head and is a nice size.

He/she also says "Hi and Hello" as they all seem to say that now!

Aurelio's baby (left) is just about weaned!

Aurelio's baby and Drew's baby are the first two hatched of the 5 and are both the largest as well.

Oh! Feeling a little intimidated by the Blue Head as he approached Aurelio's baby!


October 1, 2006

Drew's Baby

Drew's baby...pictured sitting on my hand is utmost friendly to me... when Drew came
to visit and he picked this baby... he and Drew made a quick connection!

The first hatched out of the 5 babies and when he was brought in, he was
too large for his leg band so he is bandless!

Quite larger than the Blue Head Pionus that you see picture here on the left.

They all get along in harmony but at first they didn't... The Amazon's thought they
owned the Blue Head's cage! They all do well now together.

Here Drew's baby was eating and came over to the edge of the cage to see what I was doing!

Nosing his way to checking things out! Drew's baby was the 3rd chosen out of the 5
that now are spoken for!

Updated 10/02/2006

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