Baby Orange Wing Amazons

                                                        Hatch Dates are June 10th & 12th, 2003
                                                               Approximate weaned dates is September 30, 2003

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7/06/03 - Two Orange Wing babies are doing very well.  They were brought in from the nest on July 1st and was banded in time as their little fat feet were almost too big for the leg bands but they went on with no problems.  Now eating 20 cc of formula per feeding.  They are nearly a month old now.

Pictured with the White Cap that they are sharing the tub with, the White Cap was actually happy to have some company as she was alone before the Orange Wings joined her/him.

7/11/03  -  The baby Orange Wings are doing well on growth and eating well at 22cc per feeding.  Still in pin feathers, you can see the green starting to come in.  They are real sweet and cute.

7/19/03  -  The Orange Wings are doing great.  Growing a lot and feathering out much more than from the last photos.  Now eating 32 cc's each per feeding.  The baby Orange Wings are so easy to feed more so than the Pionus at this stage.  They are very quiet as babies, but they certainly make up for it when they get older!  What cutie pies they are!  You can some yellow pin feathers on the head.  They got their toe nails trimmed. 


7/25/03  -  The Orange Wings will have pretty colors of blue and yellow on their foreheads.  You can see in the front area on the chest that will still fill in with feathers.
They are very sweet and they love to be held.  They are starting to cut down on the amount of intake of food to slim down a little getting ready  for flight.  They are now eating about 24cc of formula each feeding.

8/2/03 - Aren't they cute!  The two Orange Wings are doing well in all areas.  Growing like weeds!  Still have not taken any flights as of yet.  They love to cuddle with me after eating.  You can see how much bigger they are than the White cap in this photo on the left. 

They have really filled out from just eight days ago when the last set of photos were taken.  Eating formula 3 times a day and slightly nibbles on some soft foods.  They still eat along 30cc of formula each feeding.



The Orange Wings are quite beautiful and they are now flying a bit, they will be getting the flight feathers clipped.  In the photo up on the top right is the White Cap, she is pretty as well and gets along with them very well. 

Eating three times a day and about 30 cc per feeding is all they want.  I offer them soft foods to get use to nibbling on.  They are just about 2 months old.  The White Cap is about two weeks older than the Orange Wings.  Check back soon.

      The Orange Wings are beautiful as can be.  On 2 - 30 cc hand feedings a day and doing a little bit of nibbling on other food items but still not anywhere enough for them to be eating on their own. These two get along well with all the other babies.  Both these babies are still available for purchase.


Both Orange Wings are doing great.  You can see in these photos they were nibbling on some food, but still on two hand feeding a day they aren't eating hardly anything on their own yet.

They love to be out on top of the cage. 

They also get along well with the other babies.  They are starting to get vocal and practicing their Amazon vocal tones.


Pictured here along with Maximilian #1 on top of the cage, they re eating and playing.



This is a good sign that they are picking up on eating but still do not get much into the crop to be able to survive on their own at this point.






The one on the left looks like the mother and on the right
looks like the father. 






All is well with the Orange Wings and they are still available!

Still on two feedings a day, they are doing some eating but not enough of anything to get by on. 

They play well with the other babies and are easy going. 






First Orange Wing has gone to her new owner Lee on November 5, 2003 in Tehachapi, California.
Second Orange Wing has gone to her new owner Ismael on December 21, 2003 in San Pedro, California.

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