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From a computer similar to this one pictured!  Although this computer looks like it could be one from the early days of when computers started out!

I'm not a computer or website designer whiz by any means, in fact when it comes to computers I know absolutely nothing compared to the wealth of knowledge of computers. My Son usually looks at me real funny when I ask him a question, he thinks I should know a lot about computers, I don't know why he thinks that.  But he does admit that I have come a long way on what I have learned on my own. 

I started out creating the website with Microsoft FrontPage 2002, then upgraded to the 2003 version... and now I am creating and mainting with Dreamweaver CS3. I decided to try Dreamweaver out due to FrontPage is being replaced by Expressions Web by Microsoft and wanted to give Dreamweaver a try, and now that I am fairly use to it, I do like it! There area lot of similarities between the two but yet is also different in many ways.

So, my website has really done great and gets many visitors to the site. I show below some "Statistics" of what traffic comes to my website that shows for Oct. 2008.

The site has continious updating in many areas on certain pages of the site.  Websites can be very time consuming especially ones where there is always updates and changes. 

Having a website and offering it to the world to see is also an expense. Everything that ties it all together costs the operator time and money.  Even a website that offers just info is still an expense to the person that maintains it.   There are millions of websites out there. 

I hope that this website has a lot to offer when it comes to Pionus Parrot information.  I'm always trying to add in more info about the Pionus.  I am very much surprised at the fact that many people are still discovering the Pionus and this does bring them to my site.  The Pionus is still not a well known parrot.  As they become more and more well known it will bring more and more people to my website and other websites like mine that raise Pionus.  I have learned you certainly can not build a website in a week or two.  I have been working on this site for over five years now.  The Online Bird Toy Shopping section of this site is always changing and it is a big part of this site. 

When I set out  to build this website it was to only offer information and to help sell my Pionus but as time went on I wanted more to this site.   I feel that I have mastered what I set out to do with this site.  I want this website to be informational, entertaining and fun.  If you feel that it is not just that, let me know. 

The "unique visitors" is what counts! The number of inferred individual people (filtered for spiders and robots), within a designated reporting timeframe, with activity consisting of one or more visits to a site. Each individual is counted only once in the unique visitor measure for the reporting period. A unique visitor is one who has come to a web site within a certain time frame. Unique visitors can be tracked with a cookie or their IP address. Cookies provide a much more accurate method though.

On a daily bases the site gets along between 400 to 500 unquie visitors each day and I can remember back when I started the site in 2002, I was not even getting that amount of people to the site in a month. So you can see the site has done well with visitors and considering this site is only on the Pionus Parrot specie I feel it does well due to the fact that Pionus Parrots are not something that everyone is looking for and is basically a select group of people out there. Also if you google the key word pionus my site does in fact come up in number one ranking and has for the last 4 years!

Thanks for visiting our site!

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