Potty Training Parrots


What is a Potty Trained Parrot?  A parrot that will go poop upon command or one that tells you that he has to go poo-poo!

How do you potty train a parrot?  Sometimes it can be somewhat easy and some learn fairly quick and other parrots may take quite a bit of training and some may never get the idea of what potty training is.

Basically,  teaching your bird to go potty upon command is a repeated cycle.  Birds go poop every few minutes.  So each time you think its time for your bird to poop, you will take him to his cage, t-stand, or a place where you want him to poop at.  As you sit the bird down you will say go poo-poo or whatever word you want to use.  While he sits there you wait until he goes poop, once he does you can say good boy or girl or use the bird's name, praise him and pick him up.  And then do this over and over each time your bird has to go poop until the bird gets the idea of what you are doing.  My one bird, Kuka a Blue & Gold Macaw has learned that if she goes poo-poo that I will pick her up.  She tells me that she went poop so come over and pick me up is how she thinks! She also tells me when she is on me "go poo-poo, go poo-poo", so I take her to her t-stand and she goes poop and then she expects to get back on me.  Parrots do go poop every few minutes but they can be taught to hold it and wait, Kuka can go as long as an hour before having to go.  Also when we go bye-bye in the car and if I'm holding her, we will make a quick pit stop along side of the road where it is safe at and she will go poop when I hold her out the door, she says "go poo-poo" and she goes! Rarely does she ever poop on me or on the floor.  If we are outside walking around she will tell me she has to go poop and I hold her out on my arm or hand and she will go.  She has this mastered quite well and I am proud of her!

Felix, the Maximilian says "go poo-poo", but does not seem to go upon command.  Cockatiels and many parrot species can learn to be potty trained.  Most of the time it can be a long road ahead of you on teaching your bird to go poop when you want it to. Reward the bird with a lot of praise after they have gone poop during your training secessions and you will find that they kind of thrive on the attention and it seems to make them learn faster and especially if they think you are going to hold them longer.  If you are persistent with the training, you can probably succeed with the task and it can be a well earned effort.



Updated Oct. 4, 2013