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Pionus fuscus   Length 24 cm.  (9.8 in.)  Weight 179-222 grams.

The Dusky Pionus . . . Where are they?  We did have 3 breeding pairs but are now down to one pair that is still not paired together. Now I see why the Dusky Pionus is still rare. I have not had good luck with the Dusky breeders.  This Pionus Specie is harder to find in aviculture and is bred by fewer breeders, but eventually they will  easier to find as time goes on.  The Dusky's coloration can vary from one to another I've noticed.  They are about the same size as the White Cap.  There are numerous people that do keep them as pets.  Dusky owners seem to love their personality.  They can talk some about the same as the other Pionus species.

If you own a Dusky Pionus and would like to share some information for this page about the personality and how they do over all, that would be great and you can email us through the Feedback Form

Blue Head Pionus   Bronze Wing Pionus    Maximilian Pionus

White Cap Pionus   Dusky Pionus

Coral Billed Pionus

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